Let it fly


Tonight I dreamt that I met a girl who loved reading. It was a tv show that lasted for like two weeks and it was like a “summer camp”. Then when she walked past me and the camera man was filming her she said “oh well, I won’t be able to read or fangirl these two weeks..”
Then later on I met her and we were both in a fangirl mood and I asked her if she had read Divergent and she said yes and we starter screeching and fangirling.

Then I woke up and realized that I had no fangirl friend and that I was completely alone.

The feeling wasn’t very pleasant

When I die I want to be a ghost so I can scare the shit out of people.

I want to

17. April 2014

Eat. I want to eat until I can’t eat anymore.

But I also want to be skinny.

My life is so complicated.



"The character can’t die if the book is told in their point of view!!"


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All I want is books…. and food.

It’s so awesome to be a fictional character

18. March 2014

No periods
Never needs to go to the bathroom
Never haves a bad breath